Newsletter June 2017 Image

Newsletter June 2017

This newsletter is published under the impression of the recent close-down of the dumping site in Cagayan de Oro. The waste pickers need emergency relief as well as sustainable aid. The latter consists of education and occupational training, both provided by IKP. 435 children and youths were able to complete successfully the school year 2016/17!
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Newsletter January 2017 Image

Newsletter January 2017

Our children’s village takes shape. We report positive things as e.g. the Christmas holidays, but also difficult and negative things: a visit in the children’s prison in Cagayan de Oro, the consequences of president Dutertes war against drug addicts and dealers, updates of our medical mission.
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Newsletter December 2016 Image

Newsletter December 2016

In the last newsletter of the year 2016 we may report on the progress in the construction of the new children’s village and on the progress of our children at school.
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Newsletter September 2016 Image

Newsletter September 2016

Informieren Sie sich über die aktuellsten Geschehnisse bei Island Kids Philippines.
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